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alfa995's News

Posted by alfa995 - January 7th, 2016

I haven't been around here for a long time, but now I'm back with an Undertale animation! Perhaps you've seen it on youtube already.

So what's next? Maybe more Undertale eventually, but I'm also working on a series of Animal Crossing shorts. The first episode is out, and 3 more are in the works and almost fully animated already.

And for the time being, if you feel like supporting my work, consider becoming a patron!




Posted by alfa995 - January 5th, 2012

Castle Crashing Youtube

Yep, I've finally been able to upload my C. Crashing animations on Youtube in full, glorious HD with a minimum loss of frames. Check C. Crashing a Barbarian below.

Make sure to subcribe if you like my work. Thanks!
Next animation?

Okay, this can either make you really happy or really mad. The thing is I have two different ideas for my next animation, both related to the C. Crashing series, and I want to hear opinions.

IDEA 1: The follow-up to C. Crashing a Wedding which would be C. Crashing the Cyclops. Nothing special, just another boss fight like the rest.

IDEA 2: This is where people will get mad. A crossover with MLP.. Now, before you rage, let me explain. It would be an equivalent to what a C. Crashing the Necromancer would be. It's not gonna be a cutesy innocent crossover with ponies, like Derpy Cardcaptor. I'll elaborate:

It would start out with the Castle Crashers getting to the Necromancer's room like the game, but when they get there, they'd find Pinkie Pie with a party prepared for them instead. Naturally, Orange gets happy and acts stupid, but Red loses his patience and attacks her. She gets sad, and then the room starts turning into what the regular Necromancer room looks like, and she transforms into a blood-thirsty, black armored Necromancer-like pony and the fight begins.

If you notice, it's not "nice and happy" like you'd expect. I mean, an evil armored pony with dark magic that goes insane and brings pony corpses to life and uses them for her evil bidding? I know people would hate before even watching, but seriously, other than the "Cupcakes" related stuff, it would be one of the most action packed/violent pony flashes to date. Plus, zombies! Who doesn't like zombies?

Tell me what you think. Either way, it won't be out anytime soon. I'll go back to school in a few days and I won't have much time to work on it.

Castle Crashing Youtube / Next animation?

Posted by alfa995 - December 9th, 2011

So yeah, Derpy Cardcaptor...The reviews went to extremes, from "OMG THIS IS SO AWESOME" to "WTF I HATE PONIES THIS SUCKS", but I did get some helpful advice. What I've learned from this flash, to improve for next time, is: Make cleaner lines and animate with more in-betweens. Alright, I can do that.

And to everyone who hates ponies: RELAX. I won't stay on ponies forever. I didn't stay withSailor Pokemoon forever because I knew it wasn't a very good idea. I didn't stay with C. Crashing forever, because it took way too long to animate, and it started to get repetitive, and eventually I'll stop drawing ponies. Okay?

So...what's next? I actually have some ideas for different kinds of movies. Some about ponies, some about videogames, crossovers, and some original stuff. Just remember, anything I draw is practice, and I will keep improving. But please, don't challenge me saying "There's no way you'll ever put ponies in X", because believe me, the last thing you want to see is something called "My Little Skyrim" on your precious Flash Portal. Let me brainstorm and come up with something myself.

Anyway, thanks to everyone who has showed their support. I'll make another post when I have a solid concise idea for my next animation. And below is a small picture to show my progress since I joined the site. Seriously, the first one is so bad it hurts.

Future projects

Posted by alfa995 - November 24th, 2011

Some of you may have noticed the Easter egg in my latest animation, C. Crashing a Wedding, in which I sneaked Derpy Hooves as one of the horses pulling the Cyclops' carriage. (The screenshot here).

Well, guess what? I've been working on a full-length animation focusing on her. I have animated about 55 seconds of the 80 seconds I need. Yes, it's pretty short, but it's mainly for practice. Besides, MLP is generally not very well received here on Newgrounds, so it's like a challenge. I have to animate it so well that nobody will mind it being about a pony.

The flash will probably be submitted in early December, more or less. Below is a screenshot of one of the scenes. See you in the next post.

Upcoming animation (Derpy Hooves)

Posted by alfa995 - September 27th, 2011

So yeah, today is exactly 2 years since I joined the site. So I'll make the mandatory recap of all the stuff I've done in this time.

First I joined the site, a few days later I submitted a crappy movie, a few months later I submitted the intro of Sailor Pokemoon. Didn't do too well but I didn't expect it to do so.

Yet another few months later I submitted Sailor Pokemoon episode 1, which was a HUGE disappointment. It did great on deviantART but it didn't even get a score higher than 4 in here. I decided to do something more "Newgrounds-related", so I quickly animated and submitted C. Crashing a Barbarian. It didn't get a very good score either, so I decided to give up on Newgrounds and just continue on deviantART.

But the next day I saw it was on frontpage. (WHOAH, that made a big difference) So you know the rest of the story, everything went uphill from this point on. I continued with "C. Crashing" flashes, and this year, around May I think, while C. Crashing a Wedding was still in progress, I stumbled upon this ("and everything went downhill from this point on", you say?).

So I submitted C. Crashing a Wedding, vacations were close to ending, so instead of working on a big project and not contribute with anything at all for months, I started making pony fanart (which skyrocketed my popularity in deviantART, but it doesn't do well here). So if you actually like ponies, go to my deviantART account instead, because there's some stuff I submit there but not here because I don't consider it "Newgrounds material" (flash loops and whatnot). On other news, Zeurel is awesome.

Posted by alfa995 - September 18th, 2011

I know you're sick of my news posts. Don't worry, I'll stop posting ponies on a very specific moment. When Battleblock Theater is out. So, ha! So don't expect it to be anytime soon!

The reason I made this is to warn all of you who are sick of ponies all over the internet. You know why? Because the first episode of the second season aired yesterday. That's right, the popularity of the show will explode again. (Can you do that? can you explode twice?) Yes, if anything, there will be even more ponies than ever before.

Fun facts: the main villain's voice actor is John de Lancie ("Q" from Star Trek: The Next Generation) and there's a Chocolate Rain reference in the episode.

Posted by alfa995 - September 11th, 2011

They drive me to pony. Yeah, I know you wanna kill me for doing this. Good thing I stopped caring a while ago. And as you probably would expect, I entered Ryan's contest. This is my entry. Yay. (Hate comments in 3...2...1...)

Confound these Castle Crashers

Posted by alfa995 - July 28th, 2011

School is just around the corner, I got less than two weeks left, and you know what that means: good-bye long flash projects.

What I'm saying is, for the next few months, although I'll probably visit Newgrounds quite often, I won't work on any long flashes. I'll focus on school almost entirely, so no scrips or plans for more animations until November/December, which means, this year I'll probably have only two flashes on "2011 submissions". I hate that.

But when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When school drains my time and does not allow me to work on long projects...make shorter projects! I've made quite a few comics and flash loops recently, all pony-related, so if you do not like that, stop reading. If you do like it, good news, because since most of that stuff takes me at most 3 days to make (each), I can pump these out quickly. Passable quality content that's easy and quick to make? Perfect!


Ponycraft 2 - Protoss
Ponycraft 2 - Terran
Ponycraft 2 - Zerg (part 1)
Ponycraft 2 - Zerg (part 2)

FLASHES: (these have music and no play button, check your volume before clicking)

Twilight's black hole diagram
Nightmare Moon - animated
Applebloom sleeping - animated

You wanna murder me for these, don't you? If you don't, and you actually like it, check my dA profile every now and then, because I'll probably submit stuff there that I won't submit here (like the flash loops, or comics I may not consider "Art Portal worthy".

Ponycraft comics / When life gives you lemons...

Posted by alfa995 - July 21st, 2011

Hey, another multiple post this time. First of all, I want to say that C. Crashing a Wedding got Daily 2nd and Weekly 4th, so thank you all who voted, favorited and shared with your friends. And also to tell you that I'm quite surprised that so many people actually noticed I put Derpy Hooves in it...In fact, the flash actually got mentioned in Equestria Daily's Nighty Roundup #40, which was honestly very unexpected.

And that's not all, also, both of my Ponycraft comics (so far, I'm working on the Zerg one) and a short flash interactive I submitted to deviantart, Twilight's black hole diagram. Got featured too...You want to murder me for this don't you?

Users I want to give thanks to:

During the almost two years I've been on Newgrounds I've seen the work of lots of amazing authors, but there are a few that have had a bigger influence on me than others. The following are just some of the ones that have inspired me to work harder (not all of them, the list would be huge):

Darkar: He's Mexican like me! You have no idea how popular this guy is over here, I ofter hear people in my classes talking about his flashes or quoting lines from the characters.

DanPaladin: Mostly the fact that he makes ART of VIDEOGAMES for a living. That's the most awesome thing ever.

Gonzossm: His style is so developed that anyone can recognize his work without having to look that he made it. I hope I will be able to make my art style so specific and different than the rest in the future.

NCH: I don't know...something about the fact that his pokemon animations are so awesome that most people that hate pokemon like them anyways.

SamBakZa: These guys proved that you don't even need to speak English or even have dialogue in your animations for them to be good. Since the first There She Is!! in 2004, they have been part of the history of the Portal. I admire that.

RicePirate: My my, this guy has been in here for just a little bit more than a year and he's already one of the most well-known artists in the site. He integrated to the community so quickly it really makes me wonder how into the community I am personally.

As I said, these are just a few, I can't possible put all of them here, the post would be gigantic...

This will probably be the most interesting for the majority, some of you are already wondering: "What are you gonna do next?" "When is part 2 of the wedding flash gonna be out?" "Are you gonna do the Necromancer?" "Do all the bosses in the whole game!!". Alrighty, first things first. Since I'm going back to school soon, I will have no time to animate long flashes, so you'll probably just see short loops (like the Twilight one above) or art until December, sorry.

Second: sorry if you misinterpreted the author's comments of the flash, but there's not gonna be part 2 (the parade). And chances are that would be the last C. Crashing I make, at least for this year. It just takes so much time, and seeing that flashes that people take a a couple of weeks to make get better score than what takes me months, kills me a little inside. So if I make anything else, it will probably be shorter, and maybe comedy to practice humor.

Posted by alfa995 - July 14th, 2011

Sup newgroundlings, got good and bad news regarding the development of C. Crashing a Wedding. The good news is that I found a way to handle the .fla even though the animation is so long, by making a new scene, the loading time when saving and testing the movie are shorter, so I can work better. The flash still crashes constantly though (the irony) so I have to literally save every minute. I'm not joking.

The bad news is that the flash itself seems to be dragging too long, so if I don't speed up, I won't be able to finish before I go back to school. If that happens, the release will be delayed until probably September or even October. It feels just like with Sailor Pokemoon a year ago, I thought I'd never finish that one. And what a coincidence that Rina-chan helped me with voices in both flashes.

So well...to compensate for my bad news, here's a video of some guys dressed as the Castle Crashers and doing a little dance. Enjoy.

By the way, did you know that C. Crashing a Barbarian was not the first flash about Castle Crashers I made? A while before that I made a short loop of them dancing the Macarena (again, I'm not joking). Check it out!

See you in the next post, I'll go back to work.

PS: ponies.